Saturday, October 27, 2012

Knocking on Doors

I have spent the past couple of weeks walking and talking to our neighbors on 3rd Street NE, 2nd Street NE, Rhode Island Ave NE, V Street NE, Adams Street NE, Ascot Place NE, Bryant Street NE, Channing Street NE, Cromwell Terrace NE, Douglas Street NE and Evarts Street NE.

I am sorry if I missed you. I left a flier and a note; please use the contact page of this site to let me know if you have any questions for me and/or ideas/suggestions/issues you have for our neighborhood.

The neighbors I talked to shared these thoughts with me:

*  Getting speed humps and no truck signs on streets (Neighbors on V Street have already done this on their own)
* Concerned about break ins and crime
* Concerned about the increase in rodents this year
* Would like to see more gardens and fruit trees in triangle parks in the neighborhood
* Want to know about the future of the Shaed Elementary School
* Concerned about the amount of trash produced and left at the rec center after Beacon House football practice
* Concern about car break ins
* Dead tree removals
* Developing a system to make sure all seniors in the neighborhood are checked in on by their neighbors
* Redevelopment of the Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center
* Planning neighborhood field trips to sporting games, amusement parks, National Parks
* Creating a community newsletter with articles by neighbors of all ages
* Outing to Farmers' Market for neighborhood
* Planning social events for the neighborhood like block parties
* Would like community meetings to start on time
* Dog waste not being picked up
* More sit-down restaurants in the neighborhood
* Affordable housing
* Street lighting on Douglas Street is too dark for those walking from bus stop at night
* Groups of young men hanging out on corners not from neighborhood
* Cromwell Terrace NE being converted into a one-way street
* Lincoln Road Streetlights are not lit or bright enough for safety
* Increase in retail options for the neighborhood
* Seniors concerned about property taxes rising higher than their deductions while on fixed incomes
* Helping seniors age in place
* Improvements need for a real Edgewood Recreation Center with DPR programming for all ages in the neighborhood
* The alley between 2523 and 2525 needs to be re-paved as the repair work was not adequate
* More activities for children
* Outdoor exercise classes at Edgewood Recreation Center
* Building of pedestrian bridge to Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station
* Food Stores
* Repairing sidewalks and widening them on Rhode Island Ave NE
* More community events
* Community bulletin board

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