Sunday, September 28, 2014

Neighborhood Watch Training

Please see the message below and join me tomorrow to start our Edgewood Neighborhood Watch.  While overall crime is down there have still been some break-ins in our neighborhood.  This training will enable us to be proactive in looking our for each other and helping MPD to prevent any future crimes.  I hope to see many of my neighbors there.  Many neighbors requested this training when I went door to door in 2012 and thanks to ANC Debbie Smith Steiner and the requests made during her public safety meeting we now have the opportunity in our neighborhood.

Meeting message:  

The Public Health and Safety Coalition in conjunction with 5D Metropolitan Police Department's Community Outreach division will hold the highly anticipated Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) on September 29th, 07:00 pm at Edgewood Terrace, Bldg. 635, 9th Flr.-Crawford Hall. 

Your neighborly participation will improve the stability and quality of life in our community. The program will cover the how to's of being active in your community with your police department; engaging and recruiting other like minded neighbors; organizing to deter crime and a host of other safety tips. 

Please join us as we work towards improving the quality of life for all who - live, work and play in Edgewood! 

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