Monday, October 6, 2014

Neighborhood Safety Walk

Thanks to neighbors and MPD for joining together in a community walk last night.  This walk is part of the ongoing efforts for starting a Neighborhood Watch program in Edgewood.  We walked up and down several streets/alleys and talked about what neighbors can do to work together.  Some items we noted were where trees can be trimmed and streetlights can be brightened to light up some dark blocks and corners.  Both of those items are completed by DDOT and service was requested through 311.  We also found out about other city services for mental health, employment, and senior services that we can help connect neighbors in need.  We found that there are some vacant houses that can be report to DCRA to make sure that they are secure.  We also talked about ways to have social community events with MPD to help neighbors get to know each other better and include activities for the children and teenagers as well potentially even a soapbox derby race.

It was a very informative walk and the conversation will be continued at the next Neighborhood Watch meeting on October 13th.  I hope that even more neighbors can join.

Here is some information about ways to stay connected and to report issues:

Dial 911 for Emergencies and Police/Fire Services

Any crime in progress or where the offender is still on the scene (or has just left the scene)
All fires and medical emergencies
Home and business intruders
Vehicle crashes involving personal injury, major property damage or traffic tie-ups
Sighting of a criminal whom you know is wanted by the police

Text Anonymous Tips to Police using 50-411
Dial 311 for City Services

Broken meters
Trash collection problems or to schedule a bulk pick-up
Abandoned autos
Parking enforcement
Tree services
Illegal dumping
Street light repair
District agency phone numbers, addresses and hours of operations

Use 311 App for Same Service Requests

Report Vacant Properties to DCRA

If you believe a building is vacant and would like to report it, please call 311 or email
If you see people trespassing on vacant properties call 911 to report

Report Illegal Construction to DCRA

Call (202) 442-STOP (7867) or call 311 during non-business hours to be routed to an inspector.
Construction is allowed between 7am and 7 pm without any special permits Monday through Saturday. 

Join the MPD-5D Listserv

To join email or look at the website:

Join Nextdoor Edgewood

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